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Lube leak on Fa20 oil pump rotor

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Hello, I use an engine lube to prime the rotor of the oil pump of my FA20.

I notice a little lube leak in the rotor of oil pump, after installing the cover... If I spin a little, some lube came out (see attached picture)...

Maybe it's normal... Something went wrong?

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It's been a while since I last pulled apart the oil pump on a Subaru engine (and I do not have my manuals here) but I'm pretty sure that there should be an "O" ring in that groove.

I see on a video that there is a big oil seal ring before reinstalling the crank pulley. Is it to contain this leak? But it is on the opposite side...

I can't see any reason for an "o" ring on the gear - but I'm not familiar with those engines and some manufacturers have little idosyncracies like that.

The clip where an "O" ring is used would be to prevent weeping/seepage between the spacer and the back of the pulley. If it doesn't stay in place when you're trying to fit it, a light smear of grease will help keep it in place while the front pulley is fitted - I wouldn't use a sealer, but that may be personal preference.

Thank you. Yes, I understand that is a normal leak that helps to lubricate that part! :)

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