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New bearings, debri removed, left tiny hole

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God damnit, even as clean as i tried to be a small aluminum debris got squished on a main bearing non grooved side (bottom of the engine). I tried to remove it with a sharp thin box cutter and got it out but left a tiny hole. The sharp edge took out a bit of the bearing, ill say its about a 0.5x0.5mm lil hole, depth: it isnt really deep but i do think it went through the coating and the first layer of the bearing, dont know if copper is seen.

So im wondering if it matters really, i think it wont affect the general oil film but i dont know if im risking delamination from that small gouge.

Personally I'd suggest biting the bullet and buying a new set of bearings. It's a pretty cheap insurance policy for a brand new build and likely to be one of the smaller costs involved in your build.