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hello i have a 2jz vvti mk3 supra with link g4+ ecu and i am trying to tune it i made the car star,run and did a full throttle test everything is good in the base map that comes with link now my AFR is 10.0 full throttle i changed fuel table i tried 100 other than 60 nothing changed maxed it out to 150 also nothing changed but at idle my afr is 13.5 i edit the number and it changes to 14.7 what could be my problem and can someone send me any better map to start with ?

please can anyone reply

Im not sure I understand all of your comments but if your WOT AFR is too rich then why are you making your fuel table numbers bigger? I suspect the reason that the AFR is not changing when you increase the numbers is your wideband probably doesnt measure any richer than 10.0 - it is already "bottomed out".

yup 10.0 is already bottomed out i want the car to read 11.8 full throttle

If you want to go leaner then you need to put smaller numbers in the fuel table, not bigger...