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Oil pressure drop

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Hi HPA, I have a GT86 too with the same problem, I tried adding a baffle plate (from TMG) and using an uprated oil pump in order to increase the oil flow and so the pressure. I still have drops until 0.9-1bar over 4000rpm (should have at least 2-3 bar). I would like to use a 10w60 oil but the engine supplier advertise me against it due to bearing clearances, so I'm using 0W20 as they advertised (IAG).


Do you have the logs from tr86 in order to have a reference?

Considering the duration of the surge is 0.4-0.8s and (correct me if wrong) the pressure sensor location (as OEM) is before the oil filter it is possible that after the filter you would probably measure a drop too but not so deep?

Have you ever tried to measure in a different location?

NOTE: lateral force are around 1.5G (slicks), log freq is 50Hz with AIM sensor and datalogger

From my experience with the FA20 in race series usage, i would not be using a 0w-20 oil. In cooler (less than 25 degrees ambient) conditions I would recommend a 10w-30, and in higher ambient temp a 10w-40. When the oil temperature goes over around 105 degrees with a 0w-20 there is not enough pressure to properly control the Inlet Cam Bank 2 position. As this is the cam that drives the DI pump, there is more load on it than the other cams, and it tends to lag the aim by a fair amount.

Before mounting the IAG block I ever used a 10w60 oil (I have around 40l in stock), could it really create problems due to tight bearing clearences or should a good warm-up of the engine be enough before moving the car?

Thanks for the support

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