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Oil to cylinder bore

Practical Engine Building

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I’ve seen people apply a light coat of engine oil to the cylinder bores when installing the pistons to help lubricate during the first few cycles before the oil pressure builds up. I didn’t see that in this video. Is this acceptable or will it affect the bedding in of the rings?

Hello this is a builders preference, I personally lightly coat the piston during assembly because I like to minimize scaping of the bores during assembly and follow the manufacturer's tech tips on assembly, also I never know how long before my customers will be before they are ready to fire up the engine, i also wipe the bores lightly with ATF fluid after the final wash to remove any moisture and add protection to the bore to help keep any rust forming in the bore that may destroy the engine. in saying that i used to build all my engines keeping the pistons dry and my personal observation was when pulling these engines down there was always light scoring in the bores. i do notice the break-in time a lot faster with dry bores,

conclusion engine builders preference but for me i like to oil them

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