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P0322 code

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My car a P0322 code when I investigated I find out there was a problem with the connector and I bought a new connector and a new crack shaft position sensor. After I have installed the new sensor and connector I cleared the code. But when I tested the car I realised that it's still had a problem with power and I then used the scan and again P0322 code came back. What could be the problem please assist. I was working on a 1.4 clp engine for polo six

You'll probably need an oscilloscope to diagnose further. Could be intermittent wiring to the sensor. Or a shield / ground that has come disconnected. It could be mechanical if the trigger is loose or has a bearing failed making it have too much runout.

What does the factory workshop manual have to say about troubleshooting issues related to the crank position sensor / signal?

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