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Practical Engine Building

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Whike watching Engine building coarses part of how to protect engine components against corrosive attack i thought about few things which may be case for a discussion.

1. Wrapping flexy foil (yes one you use to wrap your lunch goodies in or travel bags for instance). Would it make sence, after wiping bits in block with mineral oil, wrapping block air tight with such wrapping foil? Or could that potentialy cause condensation of some sort?

2. Using shoe supplied humidity collecting minerals or other alternatives for humidity absorbtion? Cause vacuum tight places woukd suspend any humidity without causing damage to surfaces?

3. Using detailing spray waxes or sealants? They arent as thick as product stated in video tutorial, and are easier to remove with alcohol based wax/sealant penetrating solution

Thanks for your insights in advance :)


I havent watched the video but a 2 stage dousing of LPS 2 then a coating of LPS 3 and saran wrap is my recipe when it comes to storing parts.