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i am currently building a mazda bp 1.8l engine with a 3.287 inch bore size using wiseco pistons and rings. according to the spec sheet given with the set the 1st ring gap should be 0.016” while the 2nd ring gap should be 0.018” under the street moderate turbo /nitros listing, my concern is that i accidentally gapped 1 second ring 0.004” larger than recommended should this be a problem with excessive blow by? thanks

This might help you, It was from the last giveaway with the Wiseco Pistons:

Also Here's a link to one of the lessons on Piston Ring Gap from the HPA Youtube Channel:

"Get This Wrong and You'll Destroy Your Engine! | Piston Ring Gaps [FREE LESSON]"

Lastly, I watched this video a couple of nights ago It may also be useful for you as it comes to filing down the rings:

"Jay's Tech Tips #47: Piston Ring Filing"

i will have a look at them thanks for your help

No Problem I hope the information helps.

Good Luck