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pressure washer to clean coolant passages

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the coolant passages of a cast iron block that has been machined has some corrosion and rust still present.

apart from using a pressure washer are there any other methods that can be used to clean the coolant passages? they are quite intricate so a stiff bristled brush wont reach every where.

no freeze plugs have been installed yet.

The heater core on 2012-2016 Honda CR-V's would become blocked due to corrosion. What we do is take a 5 gallon bucket and fill it with hot water and CLR (calcium, lime & rust remover) and flush the heater core using an electric water pump. I'd install your freeze plugs and try this method as I believe it's the best chance you have.

Might be a problem, as the engine block's going to need a rather big bucket?

Josh' is the problem that you don't own, or have access to, a pressure washer? Something I've done quite often in the past is to load parts onto a trailer and take them to the local car wash, with a bunch of tokens/coins, most have an engine cleaner for the pre-soak, and a high pressure wash for blowing through all the water and oil galleries - some even have a hot water option, which will help dry the parts faster through evaporation.

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