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SR20DET Piston/Rods

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In the process of rebuilding and having to go down the forged path. I am looking at a few different piston/rod brand combinations and wanted to get some feedback on the brands or anyone that might’ve had some experience with them before.

I have added in the links below from cheapest to most expensive. Would appreciate any insight and if the extra cost is very justifiable.

Also, could anyone explain to me what 2 piece forging means vs 1 piece for the connecting rods?






Hello these are all good products and I have used them all, The Ross piston altho a good product can be a little harder to find replacement rings for on some models ( not sure on the sr ) and the pistons are generally heavier than the others listed. the JE piston over the c.p is my preference but I do use both in my shop. the reason is I like the finish of the JE more. as far as Rods go I do like the spool and mainly and Nito with no issue being found in any one of them

i have just tried educating my self on the one and two-piece conrod but only found information on one piece, I do prefer forged over billet rods because of the grain in the forging being stronger, but I do not have a preference with I beam to h beam as they both have their advantages over the other and generally speaking most of my builds are under 1000 hp so really don't have to worry about which I use

Regards Ross

The only explanation for 1 vs 2 piece forgings is that in the first the cap is forged in place as the connecting rod is stamped before being cut apart, with the latter the main rod is stamped without the cap, which is formed as a separate part. Either way, both parts then machined separately before being joined for the final bore being machined and honed.

This could be quite wrong, but the 'grain' would certainly be expected to be different in each case, especially around the mating surfaces.

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