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Surface rust on input shaft

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Hi all, I have a evo 4 transmission I’m getting ready to bolt up to the engine. As seen in picture the input shaft has a bit of surface rust, is it anything to worry about and what is the ideal way to clean it without damaging any splines.

Also wondering where I should source the 5 bolts needed for transmission to engine.

any help appreciated as I’ve got very little experience and am learning as I go.


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I would use 3M Scotch-Brite or fine / medium steel wool to knock off the surface rust. After I was done, I would spray with WD-40 to keep from rusting further.

If you have the old clutch (or new one that's not bolted on the engine), try sliding that on the splines, then back and forth. It will help you determine if you've cleaned it up enough, and it may knock down any high-spots.

Good Luck.

LPS 1 for cleaning then LPS 2 if you're going to be installing it relatively soon, otherwise LPS 3 for storage.

As the others said, A VERY light smear of high temp' grease may be advisable to ensure the disc slides smoothly, too. Oh, personally, I'd replace the release bearing and dismantle the fork pivot for a clean and grease - but that last may be overkill and the springs can be tricky - maybe just work some oil into the pivot?

Thanks for all the help it’s much appreciated. The car will be going into storage soon for around a year. Should I remove clutch fork and release bearing, hit it with a 3m scotch brine and LPS 1 and then LPS 3 for long term storage?

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