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Using Impact Driver while assembling the oil pump

Practical Engine Building

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Hello and Sorry in advance for my over protective mindset lol :D

Andre mentioned that an impact driver is to be used to assemble the cover of the oil pump. taking into consideration that the impact wrench will not be able for sure to torque the fasteners to specs, I will never use the impact wrench to tighten anything as covers and rails connected to the block/head of the engine. am I really being over protective? doesn't these bolts require to be torqued to specs?

Where possible we will use a torque wrench to tighten fasteners, however we can't do this for the screws that often hold an oil pump together and hence you'll need to use an impact driver. You'll see information about the required process and whether or not a torque value is listed in the workshop manual.

Oh okay excuse me; I thought is an air wrench were we might get a severe torque without knowing it

if you spend enough time with a rattle gun in your hand, you get a pretty good 'feel' for how tight things should be.

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