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Water Line for turbo project

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Hello everyone :)

I'm currently building a BMW E46 328i with a GT3582 that is oil and water cooled.

I'm just wondering where i can take the water to go trough my turbo ?

Is it possible to weld AN6 male flange on Radiator and use this (of course 1 adapter on each side for the feed and the drain ?) ? is it a good place to tap ?

Some guys take the water directly from the block, but i'm really afraid to do so. Didn't know if there is some T to join 2 x 40mm hose that is already supplied with coolant, and plug a pipe to go to my turbo ?

Also, for the oil drain i was thinking about getting it back to my oilstick (PCV port on bottom of it), no problem to do that ?

Thanks a lot ;-)


Basically you can take the water feed from anywhere convenient provided you're going across both sides of the cooling system (in and out) so that you achieve flow. A common option is to T the water lines off the heater hoses but that's just one solution. You won't be able to weld a fitting on both sides of the radiator core as these are both on the same side of the water pump and hence you'll get little to no flow.

Hi Andre,

Thanks for the answer !

Is it ok to run some 8mm barb fitting inside coolant temp sensor on cold side and 6mm barb fitting on the other hose connected on the hot side of the radiator ?

Seems i can plug some fitting pretty decently but dont know if its ok xD

Thanks again :)

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Yes that should be adequate. You don't need a huge volume of water flow to help cool the turbo.

Thanks André ;-)

My loom is OK so next week we are taking it to the next step... testing of this adapter xD

Thanks ;-)

Will let you know :)