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which stage dry sump pump should i use ?

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i have a force induction v12 engine.

i decide to go dry sump system which stage dry sump pump should i use and which size oil tank do i need?

stock N/A engine has 11L oil capacity.

The oil tank is going to be locate in trunk.

For such a unique application, I would suggest you work with the pump manufacturer to size the system appropriately. There are a lot of critical factors, startng with dry sump oil pans and the desired number of pickups, pump speed and volume, hose diameters considering the lengths required. One item not to overlook - You will want to make sure hoses from the oil tank to the pressure section have internal anti-collapse springs.

Thank you David for nice advice. i will use the hose with anti-collapse springs in suction side .

And it's a large enough bore to minimise pressure drop, which will also reduce the chance of restrictive collapse - ditto with the fittings, there are 'large bore' types available that have much larger openings for significantly improved fluid flow.

With the V12, I assume it's a 60 degree engine, so even with sustained high cornering loads you shouldn't have any need for head scavenging, but maybe valley if the heads drain into it as it is common to block some drains from that that let oil drop onto the crankshaft assembly.

With many dry sump pumps there is provision for adding an auxiliary drive off the back, such as a power steering pump/AC/vacuum pump, this may help with planning the auxiliary drives driven directly from the auxiliary drive belt(s).

yes the engine 60 degree. im not planning to do head scavenging .i order 6 scavenge pump from auto verdi .i have custom pulley kit for cog procharger, i will add sump pulley.

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