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08+ Subaru STI DBW pinout

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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Hi all,


Anyone have the pinout for the 08+ STI DBW throttle body?


Picture attached of the item in question =)



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G'day Itamar.

I don't have this specific pinout sorry, but as it's 6 pins, it's most likely 2 for the actual motor, and 4 for the position sensor.

If this is the case, you should be able to determine the wiring with a multimeter, measuring resistances.

Two of the pins will have a relatively small resistance between them, and that resistance wont change with different throttle positions. These will be the motor wires.

For the position sensor, you should be able to find two pins that have a fixed, relatively high resistance between them, no matter what the throttle position is, these will be the +5V and GND pins. The other two will give varying resistance, relative to either the +5V or GND pins as the throttle moved. These are the two position sensor output pins.

Hope that helps. If you have a bit of a look on facebook, there are a couple of groups there dedicated to connector ID and pinouts, they might be able to help too.


What is the part number for the throttle body?

Pics below.

1 = Motor +

2 = Motor -

3 = 0V

4 = TPS sub

5 = 5V

6 = TPS main

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