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3000gt connector identification for replacement

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hey guys

I am looking to fully replace my loom on my 93 Mitsubishi 3000gt ( dodge stealth to some). I can get a few connectors from 3sx but I can’t find these. Anyone know what they are? Pics below too

1. 4 pin 1 row cps connector (blue & orange, 2 offset locator grooves)

2. 4 pin 1 row TPS connector (grey & orange)

3. 6 pin 1 row igniter connector (black & orange)

4. 2 pin oval coolant connector (black plug from white sensor)

As you can see from the pics they are pretty far gone! Any help identifying would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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Update: I think the TPS connector is interchangeable with the Mitsubishi evo TPS connector, so I can source that one. Can anyone definitely confirm this? Thanks

dear Psands

i will search in my connectors database and get back to you.



That’s great thank you

For your TPS you can use connector that provided in the link below.

For your power transistor unit (ignitor)

4 position Blue connector for CPS

I did try to search all of them in one place, but have no luck. :)

As for the ECT sensor - this type of connector is uncommon for me. If you plan to use stock ECU than I can suggest you to buy similar sensor with the same resistance and thread but with more common connector type. If you will use aftermarket ECU resistance is not so important in this case.

Thank you Grisom for your help. I think I will take your advice about swapping coolant temp sensors for something more common too. Thanks

That tps connector looks very similar to my evo 8 tps connector except the groves inside do not align. I know a few suppliers from the US you can check:

if you can’t find it in the website email any of them.