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Hi I’m really struggling with how to wire up the CAS on my 4AGZE to a Link G4X Monsoon.

The CAS is a 24-1 setup, the 1 tooth wheel having 2 “pickups”. Each of the three pickups also have another white wire going into one which I assume is some sort of ground?

Now I’m assuming I wire the 24 tooth pickup to trigger 1, only one of the 1 tooth pickups to trigger 2. Then do I wire the ground to the trigger signal ground on the ECU? Or do I not use the ground from the CAS and wire the braid shield in the cable to the ECU ground?

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.

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The bottom pick up goes to trigger 1 (Black wire in shielded cable if you are using a Link loom), one of the top pick ups (either one) goes to trigger 2 (red wire in shielded cable), the ground goes to the Shield/Gnd pin (one of the white wires in the shielded cable or pin A7)

Note, you will find most of the wiring info in the PC Link help file. Here is the 4AGZE trigger page:

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