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5 volt referance

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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I'm in process of wiring a Link Force GDI and it only has one 5 volt output, can i run all my 5volt Vref sensors from that one output?

another question do i need to include TPS output from my electronic throttle valve module?



Answer to your first question about the 5v ref is yes, you can splice the +5v output to various sensors.

I don't have experience with this particular Link ECU but I'm gonna assume that it's gonna control your E-Throttle so yes, you'll need to wire the Accelerator Position and Throttle position as well as the E-Throttle motor. Refer to the Help File in the software on how to connect everything.

Great stuff Frank. Usually I'd tie them all together as well, but I'll just add that if you feel a sensor is suspect, or wiring to it is in a precarious location i.e. near exhaust, you may want to fuse it to potentially avoid one wire pulling the whole circuit to ground.

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