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7 wires into 1

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Hello all,

Ithought I had already posted this but it looks like I didn't.

I'm needing to wire some dash light and am using 16gauge GXL wire. I need to take 7 wires and bring them into one connector. Any suggestions about a connector that would work? It needs to go into a barrel quick connect terminal. Maybe a 10-12AWG? Suggestions?


Rather than crimping 7 wires into a single pin, why wouldn't you splice them into a single wire using an open barrel splice terminal just before the connector, then crimp that single wire into a single pin?

Also, 16ga wire sounds excessive for dash lights. They would draw minimal current.

Like Greg said: splice it into one wire which then goes into the pin. What current draw are you expecting? I bet you would be easily covered with a 18 or even 20 AWG wire

Thanks, guys. Both very good suggestions.