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'90s Nissan OEM pins

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Hi guys,

I am re-designing the harness of my K11 rally Micra for a Haltech Elite and ITBs.

Being of the same generation, this car is using a lot of the very common connectors used in '90s SR20s, like S14s, S15s etc.

It is rather easy to find various used harnesses from which it's possible to salvage connectors, as well numerous on line shops selling connector kits, but i struggle to find pins sold solely.

Does anyone have an idea where to buy?

the connectors are like the ones below and 1~2 sizes of different pins are used.


Hey, you could check They tend to have a lot of the oem plugs. They are very popular in the engine swap harness world and even sell full engine harness rebuild kits. I’d check there.

Hey, I know them and have already bought stuff from them. They are indeed up high in the list and well stocked, but they also offer connector kits and not just pins.

In addition, I would prefer to find something in Europe.

Check eastern beaver, they are in japan but sell the pins i needed for mid 90s mazdas

Thanks Tsdfab, it looks quite promising. I will have a closer look.

For the prices, i don't even think that customs will be an issue.