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A304e transmission plug identify

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Hi guys so Im gathering up all my plugs for my harness and want to order all new. But I am having difficulty finding the the plugs for the stock 2jzgte auto trans (A304E) would anyone be able tell me were I could get a new one from or what type it is?

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You mean A340E? There are differences in the plugs with VVti and non-VVTi. As a hint, look for the 5 digit wire code on the wire side of the plug and then put 90980 in front and that is the Toyota oem part number. For instance, the non-VVTi solenoid plug (8 pin) Toyota part number is 90980-10891. It's much harder trying to track down the actual manufacturer who provides Toyota with them. Here's a few of the ones with notes that I have in a spreadsheet I've been updating as I go along.

VSS Trans. 90980-11143 *Manual and auto 3 wire, rear right.

A340 Non-vvti solenoid. 90980-10891 *8 pin non-vvti GTE

A340 trans temp. 90980-11025

A340 front/rear left speed sensor. 90980-11156