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Alternator and starter motor

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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Quick technical question. Do you consider alternator and starter motor to be part of the ECU harness?

Normally I consider them part of the vehicle harness, but sometimes the ECU controls the alternator, or it's just easier for the alternator wiring to be included with the ECU harness.

If you buy a Ford Performance Pack ECU for one of their crate motors, it includes wiring for alternator and starter with the ECU harness, because the ECU is involved in making sure the clutch is depressed prior to allowing the starter to be activated.

I have included the starter and alternator wiring in my engine harness purely for the ease of disconnecting it at the bulkhead for engine removal. Main power supply is clearly separate to this harness though.

Thanks, guys. In this case the harness will be all in 1 piece and the ECU has nothing to do with the alternator. In case of service, makes more sense to have alternator and starter wiring separtely.

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