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Alternator/Starter Wiring

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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I need to build a sub-harness for my R32 GTR for the starter signal and the 2 power wires coming off of the alternator. I've swapped the alternator for an LS1 conversion and I'm wondering if a Deutsch DTP 3 plug will be able to handle the amperage from the starter signal and the 2 power wires. I'm just unsure of the amperage of the alternator, will I have to splice the 2 wires down to 4 or more?

Thank you!

It would certainly be adequate for a starter solenoid signal, but not sure if it's a good idea for the Alternator output. Most Alternators have a lug for connecting a ring terminal for the output. I would just use an 8 or 10 awg wire and go straight to the main battery lead on the starter (if that's close). You can disconnect that lead using the ring terminal. Alternator ground wire can connect direct to the engine block.

Deutsch DTP Series Connectors

Specifically designed for small AWG applications ranging from 14-10 Ga with a max amp draw of 25 amps per contact.

DTP series connectors incorporate an integrated latching system which allows for an excellent electrical and mechanical connection

Thermoplastic housing

RoHS Compliant

Available in 2 and 4-way configurations

Accepts size 12 solid or stamped and formed contacts

With the alternator output, simple answer is - it won't. People tend to forget that its output is balancing ALL the electical and electronic devides that are drawing power from 'the battery' as it maintains an above battery voltage level.

This means ECU, pumps, fans, lights, audio system - everything! At a minimum size the alt' output wire to at least the current rating of the alternator AND, if used, the ground wire for it - i've seen an OEM ground wire that had been hot enough to melt the insulation!

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