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altezza haltech elite 1500 install

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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good day all, i am soon to embark on this install using a built 3sge engine to provide a 450hp aim on pump gas for a reliable street car. however i know that altezza's use can bus system for their instrument panel and this was one of the reasons i wanted to use the elite as it supports this can bus system. because the car would be used by the customer as a daily i need to maintain the daily car features such as A/C and stuff. would i still need to wire this elite in parallel if the car isnt equipped with immobiliser and the sorts? i have access to the practical club wiring course but i needed some direct advice on this application. i would keep updating this thread as i go along with what sensors and outputs i intend on using.

I haven't used a Haltech Elite on an Altezza before and I'd just caution you to make sure that the Altezza protocol is supported if you haven't purchased yet. I just had a quick look and couldn't find Altezza in the vehicle CAN options? Provided you can communicate the required info then there's no reason to piggy back the stock ECU unless the car is an auto.

Ok totally understood. The car will be manual, but reason for can, i was told that the instrument panel uses can communication to recieve info. I havent physically checked it as yet but now as you mentioned it makes it much easier to just wire as is... id keep you posted. Im still a noob at this wiring and also can protocols im familiarizing myself with it.a

So first up the Altezza doesn't actually use CAN. It's very similar but you could consider it Toyota's own twist on CAN. Don't ask the specifics as I don't know but Zac who worked here reverse engineered it for Link who make a plug & play ECU. I can't quite remember the specific parameters that are transmitted but I seem to recall they are quite limited. I think there is air temp on the dash, possibly coolant temp (which may be an issue) and possibly the air con trigger signal. Sorry I can't be more specific but I haven't dealt with an Altezza for years.

Totally understood.. my goal is to wire the elite 1500 and id figure out the dashboard problems later on or just install the haltech dash and simplify the process

When I did my ps2000 ecu I wired things in parallel with the stock computer. 02 Is300 though. Stealing signal for the haltech to see.

so i am about to embark on the elite wiring and i am in the planning stages, the 3s uses 2 cam position sensors. the only thing that i get mixed up in the wiring is the home and trigger wiring and which uses for which. can you guys just give me a lil guidance as how to proceed.

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