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Hi guys

Just wondering to know what is your opinion on tools for crimping the pins in the auto sport connectors. Just wondering to know is it worth buying the specific tools for the job or will I be able to Crimp them with my own non-insulated crimp tool.

Just want to know your opinions before I start this. Also to give a bit of context I am 100% blind and I’m building this loom myself for my own race car that I want to do The Irish blind speed record in. I had an accident in 2012 but I am still on the spanners as there is no point in losing my full qualification as a mechanic/auto technician any help appreciated thanks

I would 100% recommend you purchase the correct DMC crimp tool and positioners if you want reliable results. You're going to be spending a lot of money on the connectors themselves, presumably to ensure reliability of your wiring harness, and there's no point jeopardising this reliability with the wrong crimp tooling.