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B series obd1 distributor

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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I have purchased haltech 1500 with universal wire-in harness to my eg6 b18c swap. My problem is that b series obd1 distributor has 9 wires. ICM ignitor, CKP(+\-) , CYP (+\-) , TDC (+\-) , RPM and distributor power. Do I have to wire all of these wires ? I am confused where should I connect the CYP (+\-) pins into the haltech !! Can you help me matching these distributor pins to the haltech1500 pins, please ?

* haltech 1500 only has :

2 trigger

2 home.

total = 4 wires

While obd1 has 6 wire for engine’s speed and position.

Suggestion : Is it Better to keep the distributor in order to take trigger/home signals only and use at the same time k20 coils for direct ignition system?

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CYP is a single tooth per cam revolution, this is your home.

CKP is 24T per cam Rev, this is your trigger.

TDC is 4T per cam rev, most aftermarket ECU's will not use this.

If you want to use the internal coil then:

ICM is the ignition signal from the ECU.

"RPM" taps on to the coil negative which can be used to drive a tacho if you have a high level tacho.

"Distributor power" is the +12V to the internal ignition coil.

Thanks mate,

one more question please, what about wiring the alternator connector (3-wires). I want to make sure that everything go right.

thanks mate

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