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Batch firing staged injection wiring with 2 fuels

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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Running 2 different fuels (91 octane and c16) I plan to run it on a twin fuel setup to when the car is under vacuum it will run on 91 and once it sees 1psi it will blend and mix to straight c16. I’m using a link g4x fury. The engine is a bmw s52. What is the best method to wire the 12 injectors in with only 6 injector drives?

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With 6 total outputs it seems you'd need to batch fire injectors, inj 1-3 primary, inj 4-6 secondary.

I've not used batch fire and dual fuel as a combo in Link, only one or the other, so before proceeding it seems worth trying to set software up to do so, see if you can assign each injector output to the appropriate injector pairs, and enable dual fuel, select outputs for each system, see if you get any warnings.

I'm not doubting Link. I'm just thinking this seems an uncommon use case, so perhaps worth a "dry run" setting up the calibration before you start wiring, in case you run into something unexpected in software.

Also any time you're considering hooking 2 injectors to a single output, verify the output can support the current requirements of your injectors.

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