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Best method of passing high-amp power through the body

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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My battery is located inside the cabin and I need to get power to a couple of high draw applications, a 5hp winch, and an Oasis air compressor which is basically a 5hp winch motor turning a modified York style A/C compressor. I was planning on using pass through junction blocks but wanted to make sure I shouldn't be using grommets and passing the cable straight through the floor instead. The compressor advises a 250A fuse so it's quite high draw and the winch is similar although I won't be running both at the same time.

Every connection is an opportunity for a voltage drop. For really high-current loads, I would use a single run of large gauge wire from the battery (or battery switch) to the device. Use grommets in this case.

Thanks, voltage drop is exactly what I was worried about but wasn't sure if grommets were considered safe enough. I'll go that route and clamp the cables down well on both sides so there isn't any movement.

You can also use lengths of heatshrink, or similar, sheathing to increase the insulation thickness if possible chaffing is an issue, or to take up the clearance for a little more resistance to fire penetration through the firewall.