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Any reason not to go with the E007 / E008 variants of the DT / DTM connectors so you could boot them on the harness side?

Nope, they're a great option. They do make the whole connector and boot assembly a bit longer though, so be aware of that, but they turn out very tidy and reliable.

For your build, as its a pretty high level, I'd look into some of the Hellerman or TE molded boots that will shrink down nicely onto the lip of the DTM backshell. With the lip, they'll retain better and be a little more robust :-).

Cool, I have already got the E007 / E008 sockets and was gong to use them all exclusively on the harness side that way the harness will be as close to sealed as can be (I dont think I am going to go the whole Raychem Y pieces etc to ensure it is completely sealed, it is just getting out of hand cost wise) and it will only be the sensor sides that have exposed wires at the plug end.

And thanks for the tip, I will check out those boots - I already have boots for the all the autosport connectors in the system.