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BorgWarner Turbine Speed Sensor Wireing

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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I am working on building a custom harness for my FD3S Rx7 that will be using an EMTron Kv8 ECU and working on planning out my turbine speed sensor wiring for my BW EFR Turbo. I know I need to use shielded wire since it is such high frequency but am kind of stumped on the ground. According to all of the information I can find the pinout is as follows | 1 - 0-5v Digital Input | 2 - Ground | 3 - 5v Supply |

Does the ground need to go to sensor ground, or actual 12v engine ground? I have looked everywhere and cannot seem to find anything more than "ground".

"Speed sensor installation wiring | TurboSource"

I suggest you connect the ground to your sensor ground. The shield will then only be connected at the ECU end to the chassis ground.

The EMTron actually has a "shield" pin that has all of the shields grounded to so we are good there. So basicaly

| 1 - 0-5V Supply | 2 - Sensor GD | 3 - +5v Supply |

Thank you sir.

Pin 1 should be 0-5v signal not supply, but otherwise correct.

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