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Bosch Coilpack Connector - BMW M52 and Similar

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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Hi guys,

Recently completed the course and must say thanks, its very useful and definitely going to give me a head start !

I'm currently gathering all the connectors for the loom on my E30 Track Car before starting the loom in a couple of weeks time.

There's a couple I'm struggling with, in particular, I'm converting the car to Coil on Plug using BMW M52 Coils, but the connector is a bit odd and I cant find any online for the life of me - I've attached some photos, have you worked with these at all please?

To add to the complexity I'm in the UK, but of course can import etc if needed!

Thanks :)

Have you checked a BMW dealer to see if pigtails are available for that connector. Sometimes that's just what you have to start with.

I think I found lots of places using this search:


It looks like BMW 12-51-1-744-589 might be helpful for that OEM look.

I checked with My Local dealer just before christmas, but had no luck I'll go back to them with that P/N for the entire injector harness and see how much that is.. worst case i could get used connectors and find some new pins that work i guess!

Thanks for your help !

If anyone else has this issue - managed to get the complete injector loom from the main agent very reasonably priced in the end ! :)

Do you want to share a part number? Does the injector loom also include the coils?

Sorry, what a donut, I meant the Coilpack loom!

Trying to do too many things at once!

The Loom you need is BMW Part Number


To Dig up this old post - i need the help of you wiring experts again please - so of course i now need to re-pin these connectors, however am faced with two issues

1: I cant get them apart

2: If i do manage to get them apart i wonder if i will be able to buy these terminals anywhere?

Does anyone recognise this style of connector/ pins at all please, there are no visible tangs holding them in, but they are definately retained hard.

the centre section pops out from the outer and i would assume is used in other connectors.

thanks In Advance !

Attached Files

That looks like there might be a slide-lock that holds the terminals in. look at the short side, and see if you can figure out how something might slide out the end, allowing the terminals to be removed.

If you can't get them out, just splice into the pigtails, after all they are brand new. i often do that with OEM connectors where you can only buy a pigtail designed for repair.

Thanks David, yes I figured maybe there was another component somewhere, but can't seem to figure it out, it's almost like the pins themselves are in two parts with an inner and outer... As much as I didn't want to, I think the safest option may have to be a splice !

Even if I get them apart, doubtful I'll be able to get new inserts

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