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Bulkhead connector for everything, or hardwire as much as possible??

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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I'm refreshing my dad's 74 911. This car will be a fun driver, with a few track days per year, not a DD or race car. I'm installing a PMO ITB/MS2 & EDIS set up from the XFactory. I'm a semiretired general contractor, but automotive wiring is a bit different than house wiring.

I am trying to select a reasonable bulk head connector for disconnecting the engine, when service is required. I dont feel that a high dollar MilSpec connector is needed, but since it is a 911, the engine bay is open and i think secure, watertight connections are needed. I'm leaning toward Amphenol AHDP connectors but haven't found a price or whether standard double crimp/single crimp tools can be used or if they are fussy to use. Are these connectors bullitproof, install them and forget about it or are there better solutions?

Given my intended usage, does it make sense to use bulkhead connectors for the minimum needed to drop the engine, or should i run everything through the connectors? I have installed a new engine wiring harness, (custom aftermarket with no EFI/ign wiring), so would only be dealing with the FI & ign. I am starting with a DIY megasquirt smurf tube wiring loom.


Personally I like bulkheads for everything that isn't body related. I'd also look at Deutsch DRB connectors for semi-permanent installs.

If you can get away with only having to use a single bulkhead connector then it might be worth it getting a proper mil-spec connector. It is just one of those things where you only have to do it once, but only if you do it right. However, if you don't have any of the tooling yet I would advise against it as it quickly becomes eye wateringly expensive.

If you like the look and ease of circular connectors I would recommend Deutsch HD30 or HDP20 connectors. I have used these on several race cars with great success. Easy to use and thus far I have heard no complaints. They use the same tools and terminals as Deutsch DTM and DT connectors and won't break the bank. If you are not using backshells do make sure that the wire seals are the correct diameter for your chosen wires.

I have no experience with the Amphenol connectors you mentioned but they appear to be similar to the Deutsch HDP20 connectors. They look like they would be perfect for your application as well but you'll probably have more luck finding suppliers for the Deutsch connectors.

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