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Cam sensor magnetic reference

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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Hello, I am just slightly confused on the wiring for a t1 cam sensor. There are four pins. Ground, power, cam signal, and crank signal. I am wondering what source the ground would be for? Would it be battery ground or ground to cylinder head, or sensor ground? Also, would the shielded strand be grounded to battery? Could I use the shielded ground to ground the sensor and also to battery? I appreciate the help.

Most likely either battery ground or sensor ground would be best for the Ground source for the sensor. What is the power supply (12V or 5V). if 5V, I tend to use the sensor ground, if 12V then typically I use the chassis/battery ground. The shield should be attached to the battery ground at one end only (so normally at the ECU end), but you could use the cylinder head if you were to leave the ECU end of the shield unconnected.

Hello, this will also depend on the ecu type and what they require/recommend for there system,

Thank you, David. Ross, it is a fuel tech ft600.

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