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Cam trigger wiring

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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Hi there team,

I have fitted a ECUMASTER black ECU, my car doesn't have a cam sensor as standard, however, my tuner said adding a cam will have some advantages.

I went with a new +5v three wire hall effect sensor, wired it in but not receiving a signal, the sensor is just mounted randomly facing the inlet cam pulley and a single tooth mounted on the pulley.

If I click on the secondary trigger the car stalls

I have checked the scope function and nothing reading, sensor approximately 1-2mm away from single trigger tooth.

Do I need to add a 1k pull up resistor between the +5v and signal wire and possibly add some additional information into the software?

Does "nothing reading" means 0 volts or 5 volts with no pulses?

Have you tried playing with the Pullup/Pulldown Parameter in the Second Trigger setup? I would expect you need to set it to the Pullup 4k7 or Pullup 1k. Then repeat your scope test.

Nothing indicating on the scope, stalls when the secondary trigger enabled.

Is there any way I can check the voltage whilst cranking?

I would use an oscilloscope, when you said "scope function", I assumed the ECUMaster Software had a method that allowed oscilloscope-type capture of digital input signals. This would be done when the engine was cranking, and would typically be used to observe the trigger pattern signals.

You could use a voltmeter on the signal cam signal, and observe that it at least dips once per cycle, or is reading 0V and needs the pull-up enabled.

I suspect the reason your engine isn't running sequentially is because the phase of the cam signal is off. If you have a trigger offset parameter, try adjusting that by 360 degrees (either add 360 or subtract 360) to change the phase.

Yeah the software has the oscilloscope function, because it's mounted approximately 10 o'clock where as the single tooth at TDC is approximately 2 O'clock I'll need to set an area where the ECU needs to look for the tooth?

I just presumed the ECU would just pick up a voltage whilst cranking?

I've never used an Ecumaster ECU or added a cam sensor before, apologies.