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CAN BUS terminating resistor - wattage?

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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Greetings All. Another quick question, when you're running a CAN line what wattage resistor do people use? Calculating it out gives me a 1.6W requirement for a 14v circuit, but those babies are physically (relatively) huge.

I was flipping through the TE Catalog and I noticed they make Deutsch Connectors with Resistors built in. Might be helpful for your application. I am not an expert just trying to be helpful. The page says J1939/15 2 Wire CAN


1/4w will be fine.

Thank you David, the 1/4W should make for a neater loom. And thanks, Drew - that page is going to prove useful in the future. The CAN loom I'm doing actually uses DT4's, it carries a 12V+ and a Gnd as well as the Hi and Lo. Runs from the Motec PDM to the ECU, keypad and dash.


Yeah, the actual current running in the CAN lines will be very small, it doesn't transmit any real power, so I've always used a 1/4W and have never had a problem.

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