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Can bus wiring - choice of Deutsch connectors

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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I am willing to start my new project, including can bus and related devices, such as pdm/dash/ecu/etc. When I dig down to Deutsch lineup of connectors, I found 3-pin can bus terminator resistors, as well as 3-pin can splitters. As I understand, best practice for can bus wiring is usage of 4-pin connectors. But I am very curious to know, how to wire can bus with such 3-pin connectors(my only suggestion is that 3-pin way of can wiring will use canHi/canLo/ground in 3-pin connectors, and +12v will be wired directly to device(if we are using 4-pin connectors on device side).

Please send your considerations, images with practical application are welcomed!

The Deutsch CAN connectors are designed for industrial and heavy machinery usage, where the CAN Buses are long and connecting to devices that may have different power and ground sources (light control modules on semi trailers for example) so they have the ground wire included in the Bus wiring so that the CAN Bus ground is isolated through the Bus and the signals are not being affected by different grounds. These also use the DT series of connectors.

The 4 pin connectors that are used by a number of different aftermarket ECU manufacturers are not standardised, with different pinouts used by the different manufacturers.

Good stuff Stephen.

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