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Chassis Ground Best Practice

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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What's the best practice for making the chassis ground connection so it's reliable for a lifetime? The star washer under a ring terminal using a sheetmetal screw into the body seems pretty hokey... I'm thinking fuel pump and engine fan power grounds (vs running it back with 10-15' worth of voltage drop on 30 amps of current...)

unpainted, welded stud to heavy sheetmetal or frame. After screwing down connections, cover with dialectric grease or other corrosion prevention.

David - Thanks. Just take a steel bolt (non-galvanized), wire brush the head and chassis to bare clean metal, and TIG/MIG with a few tacks?

That will work. I've seen many OEM chassis with studs already welded as appropriate grounds in the unibody chassis. You are just duplicating that where you need the grounds.

Here are some studs designed for welding, if you don't want to use a bolt:


Thanks for sharing the Fastenal link - that gave me an idea! I might just take a bolt and turn it down on the lathe.