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Circular connectors question

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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Hello guys I'm cleaning the harness on my evo 8 and I want to place autosport connectors just to make things easier when removing the engine and also because it looks waaaay better. I have 55 22awg, 6 16awg and 2 12awg wires, plus 9 22awg that I wanted to place by themself since they are all pressure sensors that go directly to the linkecu. This is the factory harness that I'm reusing since is in good shape and its a street driven car. Question is is there a circular plug that have multiple sizes? Or do I need one for each size? I can have a custom plate built with max I think I can fit 3 circular connectors. 1 large and 2 small ones. Thanks.

If you are keeping most of the factory harness and just cutting it at the firewall, it's only half a job really. I wouldn't bother using Deutsch Autosport connectors for that job as the connectors are too expensive, and several other reasons around having to put cheaper PVC wiring into a high end connector, and getting the lengths of an old harness right.

Maybe look into Deutsch HDP20 connectors to make a start. Do a search, there are several arrangements with your wire sizes listed, some are on eBay.

There are a few Autosport or Souriau equivalents with hybrid pin sizes. However, they will most certainly not fit your requirements.

What you can do instead is to take multiple contacts for one large wire, e.g. 4 22 AWG instead of 1 16 AWG. Obviously you need splice points but this is no big deal.

Probably you will face with a problem of inserting wires inside AS circular connector. As insulation of automotive wire is much thicker comparing to Tefzel wire for which AS circular connector where designed.

Thanks guys didn’t know about the HDP20 and 30 series and that’s what I decided to use. I’m gonna use a 47pin and a 29 pin which both have hybrid pin sizes.

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