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Connecting to existing OEM sensors

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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Hi there, I am new to HP Academy and pretty green to the wiring scene. I’m slowly working through some of the courses and probably have a very elementary question.

What is the best way to connect a new link ecu harness to existing OEM sensors?

- connect to existing tails - if so with a barrel, crimp or solder and heat shrink?

- re pin the OEM connector? If so where can I find replacement pins?

Sorry I haven’t yet watched the club level wiring or EFI essentials which it could be detailed in. Working through other videos atm.

I currently have a link g4 installed on one of my cars (by others) and looking to use this knowledge to do similar for my other car and a full rebuild etc.

Thanks in advance, Heath

I usually end up using an OEM harness to make pigtails, unless you can purchase new ones (ie, lots of Ford connector are available as pigtails). If you can purchase new connectors then that is the way to go.

Thanks David, what is the method you would use to connect to the OEM pigtails?

What you described. An inline splice of whatever method you can do the best. For some it's soldering two wires together, I prefer to crimp a closed-barrel splice.

No worries thanks David