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COP conversion for 4g63

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Good evening team.

I am in the process of building an engine loom for evo 5.

I am converting to a cop setup and im using a g4 plug in ecu.

I know from factory they only ever used 2 coils firing cylinders 1&4 and 2&3 respectively.

I know there ign 1&2 on the g4 pinout is allocated to the coils.

My question is, is it better just to wire the cop setup signal wires just like factory or is it better to wire all 4 coils to seperate ign outputs.

Wiring them to seperate ign outputs makes sense to me but need confirmation of my theory.

Thanks in advance.

Muhammad vadia

Yes wire them individually.

What you have provided is called "Wasted Spark” ignition system. If you have spare 4 ignition coils that will fit to your engine than you can run “COP” ignition system. Otherwise “Wasted spark” would do the same job except each coil will fire twice per engine cycle.

On a 4 Cyl with the current G4+ system, the main advantage with changing to direct spark is it means you can then you can do individual cylinder ignition trims (including individual cylinder knock control). In wasted spark mode the cylinders can only be ignition trimmed in the wired pairs.

Since a very small minority of the many ecu files I see daily are set up with individual cylinder trims or knock control I would say this isnt a big deal for most users and you are not going to see any other performance gain from direct spark vs wasted (until you get over about 10000RPM).


As I know in a Wasted spark mode you still can use Individual cylinder ignition trims.

No. Info from help file below.