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Cost of building club level harness

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Well I'm thinking of buying the harness construction course and building myself a decent wiring harness. Of course having not seen the videos I'm not sure how much I'd need to invest in this so perhaps someone could give me a rough idea. By rough I mean I have no idea if its a £/$200 or a £/$2000 game.

Harness will be for a toyota 3sgte. I've already build a custom harness using lots of solder joints and the old factory connectors so I'd have a good template to use.

*Cost of a full engine set of oem style connectors? Will I need proprietary tools to take the pins out or just a generic set?

*Cost of multi pin motorsport type connectors for to join branches? Same question applies to tools for the pins.

*I have a set of ok-ish ratcheting crimpers and dies (£50 rather than the £5 rubbish) - are the likely to be up to the task?

*I know all the wiring and heat shrink etc will add up but that's beyond the scope of my questions. Cheers!

It's hard to give you very specific costs since they can vary dramatically based on your design. I'd budget around 200-300 USD for tooling. You won't need anything expensive at this level because you won't be dealing with autosport connectors. We use a couple of generic crimp tools that can handle most of the common terminals you'll come across. The connectors, wire, sheathing and other consumables in a typical club level course will probably be in the range of $500-1000 USD.

You've mentioned 'multi pin motorsport' connectors and I'll assume you're referring to autosport connectors. While you can add these into a club level course it will dramatically increase cost. The connectors can easily be $200-300 USD per pair and you'll also need some expensive DMC crimp tooling and positioners to correctly crimp the pins and sockets. For club level wiring we recommend using the DTM connectors as a cost effective alternative.

I am building a full car wiring harness from scratch with M150, PDM30, can keypad and most reasonable engine and gearbox sensors. including all the new factory connectors, wiring, tools, DR25, two milspec connectors for the ECU-engine I am looking at about $2400-2500.