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Data Logging Hall Sensor

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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I purchased a aim-sportline position sensor (X05SNAFME0) and am having some trouble getting it behave using a 3 wire connection, i.e. gnd, 5v ref and signal. I am positive that this is a Hall effect sensor but a few things are complicating matters a bit:

AIM's wiring is very modular and so their pin-out description is somewhat vague. From their datasheet (attached):


So is this the view looking into the connector or from its back ?

An extension harness is supplied with the sensor that I have cut (no need for their metal connector). Four (4) separate wires are there, red, black, white and blue. Any ideas if they follow a standard wiring color code, i.e. red - excitation voltage, black ground, white signal and blue another potential signal ? Since this is a 3 wire sensor 1 of the 4 is not used.

Lastly, since this is a hall sensor I gather a pull-up resistor is required. Would this be the case ?



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It is not a hall effect digital sensor, it is an analog position sensor that measures the magnetic field. So the output is more like a potentiometer. Notice the output is an analog voltage that varies ratiometrically with the 5V reference voltage.

Aim's standard wiring colors will be white for the signal, black for the ground, Red for the 12V (not connected on your sensor, but pin 3 in other Aim sensors), and Blue is the 5V reference voltage.

If you want a hall-effect digital sensor, Aim has both magnetic and ferrous sensing types. Those use 12V power, and provide signal to ground on Pin 1. Note the Aim 712 metal connector speed input on the loggers (like XGLog, Evo4, Evo4S) will provide a second speed input on Pin 4 instead of the 5V reference voltage).

Interesting sensor...

That looks like it would be an easy installation onto my pedal box to read clutch position.

Any idea how far a distance that sensor can read the magnet? And how accurate/consistent is the output?


The datasheet says:

"Please install the sensor so that the distance between magnet and sensor stays in a 5 – 40 mm range"

You could probably substitute a stronger magnet to get a bit more distance. I'll know more this evening when I test it.

If your clutch is hydraulic, then I suggest a pressure sensor or pressure switch. Easy to plumb in, and nothing to adjust if you move the pedal position.

BTW -- that picture above is the wire/solder side of a Binder 712/719 connector with pins (what we call male).


Thank you. What really had me was blue for Vref (especially when there is a red beckoning).


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