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Ecu masters Black series.

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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Hey guys I’m swapping a bmw m42 (turboed) with 5 speed into a 86 Mercedes 190e. I’m using a ecu masters black series to power it since I had one I was gonna use on another project . My question is , the ecu has multiple pinouts for sensor grounds. 3 I believe. So should I be using these pins for sensor grounds or ground them to the engine block instead.

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PIN 29, PIN 38 & PIN 39 are sensor grounds.

Wires from these pin are not connected to the engine; the sensor grounds can be connected directly to any of these pins. e.g. wires from ground pins of the coolant temp, IAT and TPS can be spliced and connected to PIN 38.

PIN 17, PIN 24, PIN 27 and PIN 28 are power grounds and should be connected to the engine block.

Hope this helps.

That definitely cleared it up for me . Thanks . I have a couple more questions, if you don’t mind . 1. Does the black series have internal fusing , or do I still need to run fuses for injectors , fuel pump, etc. and 2. does the ecu just need a battery 12v , ingnition 12v , and ecu ground to be switched on. If that is the case should I be using a relay like they described in the practical harness construction, for ON, ENABLE, and FUEL. You seem to know the black series very well. Thanks again and thanks in advance .

You definitely need to use fuses for injectors, fuel pump, etc. and for ECU itself. To make ECU master running you need constant +12V from battery, ignition and power ground. You can wire ignition to ECU either via a relay or through ignition switch.

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