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ecu not turning off??

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hey guys,

decided to take on my first wiring project. An AWD primera with a SR20VET engine (xtrail) using e-throttle via link G4+ xtreme . I'm having an issue where ecu is not turning off when i turn the key off. the key is actually in my hand and the ecu is still powered and connected. when i hit the runtime values i realise the ecu is getting about 8 volts.

so i pulled out the main relay: it stayed powered

i pulled out the enabled replay: it switched off

i reinstalled the enabled replay, turned on the key and then turned it off: it stayed powered. then i unjacked the EBCS: it still stayed powered. then i unjacked the VVL solenoid: it switched off.

when i plug back the EBCS alone and turn the key on and off the injectors start clicking. so to power the system off i have to unplug both the VVL sloenoid and the EBCS.

did i bite off more than i could chew lol

any insight or help in troubleshooting this issue would be greatly appreciated.

I'm heading back to my replay box to double and triple check my connections

thanks guys

Most likely you are "back-powering" the ECU through one of the outputs. For example, if the injectors are remaining powered with the key off, the current could back feed into the unpowered (main power input disconnected) ECU, and actually keep the ECU powered up. It might even be powered by your laptop communications.

To debug, use your voltmeter on the pins going to the ECU (start with outputs), see if any have voltage when the key is off.

will take a look tomorrow. thank you David

I'm not sure if this is a fix or a workaround. But I changed the input of the enabled relay to a switched ignition 12 instead of the output of the main relay. this allowed the ecu to switch off. i have the car on a lil test to see if its draining the battery over night to see if my problem still exist

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