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Engine Kill Strategy

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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Hi all,

This may be a simple question but I'm planning out my buttons on the keypad and the strategies I'm using for my PDM30 build. I'm using an MSEL isolator, PDM30 and an M130. Also on the same CAN is a C125, keypad and an LTC.

Originally I planned to have a Master button on the keypad to turn on the M130, C125 and LTC, as well as injectors etc, and an IGN button to turn on the ignition system.

Now I'm thinking I just do away with that Master button as I can just use the driver kill switch to turn everything on and off - it's likely all I'd do is turn on the kill switch then turn on the master anyway, as it's only used for racing, so why waste an extra button? I dont have accessories etc apart from a gopro supply, which I'd also set to always on.

So effectively the M130, C125 and LTC would be always on on the PDM, and to start the car I need to turn the IGN on and then hit the starter. To shut the engine off, I just turn off the IGN supply which kills the ignition to the engine. The MSEL kill switch function disables the IGN and the fuel pumps.

Is this a reasonable strategy? I wanted the ECU and dash to remain on after I kill the ignition so turning the ignition on and off wouldn't affect the logger display and the logger still see see ECU and have temp data etc even if engine was shut off.

Or, should the IGN toggle also turn on and off the ECU?


You should think of the ignition keypad button as a Run/Stop Switch. When active it will allow the engine to run, and when off it will stop a running engine, not allow the engine to start. This would be connected to the M130 Engine Run Switch (configure a Driver Switch, then select that for use as the Engine Run Switch Index). Normally you will want the ECU and Dash on with the Master Switch. This allows you to download data, configure dash or ECU. You can also power the ignition and fuel, the ECU will not trigger the Ignition / Injectors unless the Engine Run Switch is enabled.

Having the Run/Stop separate, allows things like cranking the engine to build oil pressure without it starting. And stopping the engine while the logger is still recording.

I would also set-up the PDM so that the Coils and Injectors are only powered when the Ignition is On, this helps protect the coils from over dwelling.

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