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Evo 8 fuel relays

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Hi guys I’m currently in the process to make a harness for my 2003 Evo 8 USDM. So I noticed there are 3 relays for the fuel pump relay 1 powers relay 2 and relay 3 is for low and high voltage for dual speed pump correct me if I’m wrong please I’m new to this and still a far way to go. So since I’m using a Linkecu G4+ and dual 450lho Walbro fuel pumps one is running like the oem second one via Aux controlled by the ecu. So when making the harness I want to include the wiring for the primary pump. Can I just delete all those relays and just have a single one for each pump? Fuel system is modify so overrunning the fuel pressure won’t happen. Thanks Luis.

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Yes, you can get rid of the speed control relay and just switch the two pumps on individually.

Thanks Adam! Man you’re everywhere you helped me in Facebook as well thanks!