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Fuel pressure sensor location

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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I'm trying to determine the best place to put a fuel pressure sensor in my build. I have the injector dynamics ID-F750 which has the option of adding a fuel temp/pressure sensor port. The only potential issue I see is that the ID-F750 is at the rear of the car, near the fuel cell (along with the ethanol content sensor.) Does the fuel pressure sensor accuracy suffer from being further away from the fuel rail? My original plan was to plumb the fuel pressure sensor from a port off the fuel rail to a sensor block on the firewall to isolate the senor from engine vibration. The injector dynamics sensor would basically just simplify the plumbing. The other simple option being just to thread it to the fuel rail. Any thoughts?

In theory pressure in a system is constant, so I would not be worried about measuring the fuel pressure anywhere in pressurized part of the fuel system. Only if I experienced problems I thought were related to fuel pressure measurement might I add a second temporary sensor to the fuel rail just to compare the two readings.

As David said, in a closed, static system it would be expected to be about the same at all points, but it isn't - there is a pressure gradient moving the fluid through the system.

To what degree will depend on the specific application, but it may not matter if it is going to be kept like that as you can just map to what you have - maybe, as David said, check the rail pressure with a screw in gauge and set the regulator to compensate?

Thanks for the input, that makes a lot of sense.

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