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FuelLab brush less in tank fuel pump installation Help model#92902

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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i want to control pwm this fuel pump through can you please guide me how to connect it my motec 150 please help its urgent.i attached the manula which fuel lab given.

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Hi Faisal, it depends what level of control you need. You can run it constantly as a high speed pump as per the instructions. The trickier part is if you want to use the speed control. The M150 can do this but unfortunately I don't have my tuning laptop with me right now to talk you through it. It is however quite self explanatory in the software. You can set the output to be switched or PWM and then set up a table of duty cycle vs rpm. I can't recall off the top of my head if you can control the output frequency between Fuel Lab's recommendation of 500-1500 Hz.

I'll add to this tomorrow when I have my other laptop.

Thank i ll be waiting .i temporarily use a relay on pump 2 for usage of fuel to 200 micro littler then it will disconnect the - to mid point and pump will run at full speed i want to control pump speed through pwm so it will function the way it should .on low speed pump drop pressure after few second for a split sec .

I am waiting.

It seems that the GPA and GPR packages don't provide for PWM control where as the Toyota 86 package we use does. Not to worry though, what I'd suggest is you set up Aux Output 1 to PWM your solid state relay as required (you can set up a 2D table vs rpm or 3D vs rpm and TPS). You can then use the conventional fuel pump output to provide a switched ground to the solid state relay so you retain normal fuel pump operation and safety shut down if the engine stalls.

can you make a video on that please. or put the steps should I follow.


The M1 has a Fuel Pressure Control function that is designed to PWM control a fuel pump based on a Fuel Pressure Aim target, this will do what you are after.

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