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Fuses vs Circuit Breakers?

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When setting up the power supply circuits, is there any advantages/disadvantages to running circuit breakers over fuses?

I understand high temperatures can affect the current rating of a circuit breaker but surely the interior of the car wouldn't see temps high enough to cause an issue.

I personally run circuit breakers where i can, but I dont often see it with other peoples installs.

Do you mean those little breakers that can be used instead of fuses, in the fuse sockets? My thoughts

Pro's for the CB - buy them once, easily and quickly identified as tripped and reset, don't need to carry a selection, can be reset multiple times (useful if an intermittent fault and you can't trace/fix it right away)

Con's for the CB - more expensive, may be difficult to find in the package size and current rating you need.

Personally, I use fuses but CBs would be nice to have.

I'd echo Gord here. Its a cost thing.

For a motorsport spec build, chances are it'll have a PDM instead of relays and fuses, which is the ideal way to go, but one again, spendy!