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Grounding 12V+ Sensors

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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Is it better to ground a flex fuel sensor to power ground or sensor ground on a Link G4+?

I know to ground all 5V+ sensors to the sensor ground...but not sure about the 12V+ ones like flex fuel

Since it is a "digital signal" (square wave), it is not really susceptible to error from ground offsets etc like an analog sensor is so it would most likely work fine connected to any ground. However, since it is only a low current device I think the best choice is sensor ground in this case.


My general rule is that I'll use the power ground if the sensors take 12V power, and the sensor ground if it takes 5v power.

If you were to have a short between power and ground, that would only fry the wire, instead of potentially damaging a ground trace in the ECU.

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